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Clinique dentaire Vérifié

Dental Access est le leader dans le domaine de la dentisterie esthétique au Maroc. Notre équipe est composée d’experts reconnus à l‘échèle national et international. Access Dental est dirigé par Dr Rachid Bakal, chirurgien-dentiste renommé, spécialise dans le traitement des patients édentées. Son travail d'expert comporte des techniques de couronnes dentaires ou de l'esthétique dentaire en offrant sur le site de livraison de blanchiment des dents.

la Clinique dentaire et d’implantologie de Drs Demajo Vérifié

La compétence, l’expérience et l’engagement du clinique dentaire de Demajo utilise une combinaison unique de science et d’art, qui littéralement reconçoit votre sourire.

I am very pleased with the results. Dr Demajo is very professional and has been very patient with me too. The price quoted during my first visit was the amount I paid when everything was done. I would recommend Dr Demajo to everyone.
July 2016
Let me be honest I have always dreaded visiting a dentist but that ended today. I am writing to both endorse and recommend The Demajo Dental Clinic to anyone looking for first class dental treatment at affordable prices. What I liked most about the Demjo Dental clinic was the consistent high quality service, which was friendly and non patronising. The assistance and support I received was excellent and the help I got throughout my treatment was much appreciated. Drs. Demajo understand their patients and each one is treated like royalty. If you are thinking about The Demajo Clinic for any dental work, find a way to make it happen. It will be well worth it.
July 2016
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La Clinique dentaire du Dr. Athanasios Mangos Vérifié

Bienvenue dans notre clinique dentaire du dr. Athanasios Mangos la meilleure en Grèce. Notre staff médical émérite soutient le patient tout au long de son traitement en offrant une gamme complète de services dentaires, des programmes de prévention bucco-dentaire, et de l’information du patient.

Clinique Dentaire Udent Istanbul Vérifié

La Clinique Dentaire d'Udent Istanbul prend en sérieux vos besoins dentaires avec une prise en charge globale et dans une ambiance agréable et conviviale. Le personnel et la clinique sont respectent parfaitement les règlements pour assurer la propreté, la sécurité et le contrôle des infections.

كانت دكتورة جيدة شكرا للمساعدة
October 2015
كان تجربه جدا رائعه والأكثر روعه حسن تعاملهم
July 2015
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Clinique Dentaire Kyrenia Vérifié

Abordable - la Qualité -des Soins-Dentaire à Famille de Dentisterie à Chypre , Dentisterie Pédiatrique , Dentisterie Cosmétique et Implants Dentaire

0090 542 869 39 14
This was my first visit to a N.Cyprus dentist, I called the dentist who got me an appointment very quickly when my cap/filling fell out. My treatment lasted 35 minutes. The work done was very through, even the assistant put lotion on my lips as they were dry. The treatment was very intense but not painful. The numbing injection was very gentle and I never felt any pain through out the procedure. The only thing I would have changed was to ask for a little break so I could close my jaw for a few moments, I have a clicky jaw. I will request this next time. I only had a little ache in my mouth afterwards but I'm very happy with the filling lasting longer than my English filling. WELL DONE
May 2016
It was amazing just to treat a very bad situation of roots problem in just two hours in high technical way
November 2015
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