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PAIR- Portuguese Aesthetics and Implantology Resort Vérifié

Notre programme dentaire leader au Portugal vous permettra de bénéficier d’un traitement et vivre une expérience touristique unique. L’équipe portugaise d’esthétique et d’implantologie (PAIR) dispose plus de 10 années d’expérience - plus de 2847 patients traités avec succès.

La clinique dentaire DentGroup Vérifié

Etant un leader en médecine dentaire en Europe, les cliniques DentGroup, sont très distinctes dans un secteur très compétitif. Nous refusons d’être une clinique parmi beaucoup qui se ressemble. DentGroup représente la « Nouvelle génération de dentisterie » (médecine dentaire). Nous avons décidé de devenir, une des meilleures cliniques dentaire au monde. Notre objectif est d’apporter un changement positif à nos patients et d’améliorer le secteur de médecine dentaire. Notre équipe dentaire spécialisée (experte), traite plusieurs maladies telles que ; l'Orthodontie, l’implantation dentaires, la chirurgie buccale et maxillo-faciale, la prosthodontie, la parodontie, l’endodontie, des traitements spéciaux, et la pédodontie.

Clinique Dentaire Udent Istanbul Vérifié

La Clinique Dentaire d'Udent Istanbul prend en sérieux vos besoins dentaires avec une prise en charge globale et dans une ambiance agréable et conviviale. Le personnel et la clinique sont respectent parfaitement les règlements pour assurer la propreté, la sécurité et le contrôle des infections.

كانت دكتورة جيدة شكرا للمساعدة
October 2015
كان تجربه جدا رائعه والأكثر روعه حسن تعاملهم
July 2015
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Clinique Dentaire Denart Vérifié

Denart est une clinique dentaire située dans la station balnéaire de Side, Antalya en Turquie qui offre une gamme complète de procédures dentaires à des prix abordables. Engagée a satisfaire les besoins de chaque patient — Denart offre un éventail complet de services dentaires aux plusieurs patients étrangers. A Denart tout le monde peut avoir des dents saines et en même temps améliorer leur sourire.

Obviously, having to have so much treatment was very daunting, but I was kept informed and reassured every step of the way. I have to go back in October to have four implants fitted to my bottom jaw. In addition, I will have two implants put into my top jaw as the bone graft will be ready for them. My new crowns look amazing and I have had lots of compliments from my friends and family. The procedures were long, but pain free and it didn't spoil my holiday. I did have bruising but managed to hide most of it with make up and was able to eat soft food. I can't wait to complete my treatment and have a full set of teeth which I haven't had in years :)
May 2014
Hi louise it was lovely to have ment you too,its only been down to your kindness im now have confident and worth while smile back.the work provided by yourselves i will always hold dear to my heart,i eat without pain which is something ive not been used to for many years now withoutsaying i have be noticed and ive been very happy to express the kindess you at denard dental have quite happily shown me. Kind Regards Clive Culshaw
May 2014
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Clinique Dentaire Kyrenia Vérifié

Abordable - la Qualité -des Soins-Dentaire à Famille de Dentisterie à Chypre , Dentisterie Pédiatrique , Dentisterie Cosmétique et Implants Dentaire

0090 542 869 39 14
Good Day Dr Mustafa-just wanted to thank you for the Excellent dental work you provided me during our stay in TRNC this year. All nine of the new crowns are fitted perfectly with no irritation experienced. I must point out that my teeth have never looked better nor felt better than they have since you completed all the procedures. Also, I no longer experience the issue of food becoming stuck in the area of the last crown. Both my wife and I are so thankful that we “discovered you” as our Dentist. She too wanted to thank you for the procedures you performed for her and commended you for your expertise and attentive patient care. We look forward to working with you in the years to come for All our Dental services. We have safely returned to Canada and shall enjoy our summer here and look forward to returning to Bellapais, TRNC this coming November. Thank you and best regards. Paul and Lou Thompson.=)
June 2018
This was my first visit to a N.Cyprus dentist, I called the dentist who got me an appointment very quickly when my cap/filling fell out. My treatment lasted 35 minutes. The work done was very through, even the assistant put lotion on my lips as they were dry. The treatment was very intense but not painful. The numbing injection was very gentle and I never felt any pain through out the procedure. The only thing I would have changed was to ask for a little break so I could close my jaw for a few moments, I have a clicky jaw. I will request this next time. I only had a little ache in my mouth afterwards but I'm very happy with the filling lasting longer than my English filling. WELL DONE
May 2016
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