Reduction Mammaire Pour Homme à Maroc

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Dr. Aboufirass Abdellatif Vérifié

Dr. Abdellatif Aboufirass pratique est conçu pour vous présenter un plan de traitement complet en respectant les normes strictes afin de garantir une chirurgie plastique bien réussie à Marrakech pour obtenir les résultats que vous attendez.

One of the most professional place in Marrakech. Dr. BOUFIRASS Abdellatif and her Team are very kind and 100% professional. Wish them all my best
November 2019
I went to dr. Aboufirass where I had a lip enhancement treatment and a face rejuvenation treatment and I have to say that the medical team was very professional and supported me along every step of the way. They explained all the details that I had to go through before the treatment and they made me feel very confortable. I recommend dr. Aboufirass, he's a professional in his field and I will come back for more treatments. The price was cheap comparing to the great quality of the treatment.
November 2019
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