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Le Centre International de Chirurgie Esthétique Vérifié

Le Centre International de Chirurgie Esthétique dispose d'un personnel hautement qualifié, des infirmiers dotés de diplômes universitaires et des medecins qualifiés afin que nos patients recoivent les meilleurs soins possibles.

Dr. Aboufirass Abdellatif Vérifié

Dr. Abdellatif Aboufirass pratique est conçu pour vous présenter un plan de traitement complet en respectant les normes strictes afin de garantir une chirurgie plastique bien réussie à Marrakech pour obtenir les résultats que vous attendez.

تجربة في المستوى، طبيب محترف، وشغل نظيف ومرتب، ونتيجة مرضية، وسعر معقول جدا، فريق عمل احترافي وفعال. واستقبال مريح. أنصح كل امرأة تفكر بالقيام بهده العملية إن تتردد، يجب فقط اتحاد القرار، لا داعي للخوف، وكأنها تجربة مع دكتور الاسنان، قليل من الالم، يمكن تزاوجه مع وصفة الدواء الدقيقة من عند الدكتور ابو فراس، الله يعطيه الصحة. شكرا بزاف دكتور ابو فراس ❤
September 2020
One of the most professional place in Marrakech. Dr. BOUFIRASS Abdellatif and her Team are very kind and 100% professional. Wish them all my best
November 2019
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La clinique Swiss Leading pour la chirurgie plastique (S. L. P. S.) Vérifié

Notre centre est dirigé par Dr Michael A Boss, un spécialiste émérite dans le domaine de la chirurgie esthétique et réparatrice, diplômé de l’université de Médecine de Berne, en Suisse. Il a ainsi reçu des formations à l’échelle internationale en Suisse, les États-Unis, Canada, Belgique, et le Royaume Uni.

Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Boss has done for me. I have been treated like and individual and Dr. Boss has listened to me and explained to me the process I was having done. The time I wait to see Dr. Boss has never been long, and when it is my turn Dr. Boss gives me his full attention and time. Dr. Boss cares and it shows in his work and attitude towards me. He is the best! I can’t believe that someone so famous is also such a genuinely nice person!
July 2016
I can’t say enough about Dr. Boss and his staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. The nurses and anesthetist were wonderful on the day of surgery and set me completely at ease. I am VERY pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Boss to anyone interested in plastic surgery. P.S. I had constricted breasts, which are difficult to “reverse”, and I am happy to report that I now look natural and symmetric.
July 2016
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Dr. Kamal Larbi Vérifié

Comme l'évolution de la chirurgie esthétique en Tunisie ne laisse personne indifférente, le Dr Kamal Larbi vous accueille pour cette pratique

+216 24 356 665 Contact Person: Laura Boman
One of the best doctors and sergeants in Tunisia. I came from the USA specifically to be treated by doctor Larbi. he's very professional, very polite, well educated, and well rounded. Plastic surgery is an an art for him and he will advise you on what you need and what you don't need. His work is amazing and yet he's very affordable. From now on, I'm only working with him on anything I need.
January 2022
i love the experience i came in 2016 and planning to visit again .
September 2021
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Dr Ozge Ergun Vérifié

Vous êtes les bienvenues chez le chirurgien esthétique et reconstructeur numéro un en Turquie. Dr. Ergün est à votre service dans son cabinet situé au centre-ville d'Istanbul. Expert chevronné des chirurgies esthétiques et des chirurgies de greffes de cheveux FUE, Dr Ergün a servi des patients de 57 pays différents.

+90 (541) 659-2251
ااستقبلوني من المطار و كانت معامله و الخدمه اكثر من ممتازه والمستشفى و العياده و العلاج كان اكثر من ممتاز. دكتور اوزقي اعزج عن وصفي له اكثر من ممتاز و فاهم واذا ابي اسوي اي عمليه ثانيه ماراح افكر الى عندهم
January 2018
good services
October 2017
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