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Clinique Access pour la chirurgie bariatrique Vérifié

La clinique Access pour la chirurgie bariatrique est un centre de pointe situé à Casablanca au Maroc.

Having always had weight problems, I decided to take things in hand and have a sleeve operated, something I could do in France because of my BMI considered "too weak". I was 94 kilos for 1m71. Dr. Abittan is very reassuring and he knows what he is talking about and the whole team is listening. I weigh ajd 73 kilos which makes me a loss of 20kilos.
March 2018
A little cuckoo from France or the Kg fly away. Thank you again for everything when I was in Casablanca, I would have to come back and especially thank everyone. A new look certainly but I am always the same and proud to have come and proud to testify to this beautiful experience.
March 2018
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