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Operation Kyste Dentaire  à Chypre
This was my first visit to a N.Cyprus dentist, I called the dentist who got me an appointment very quickly when my cap/filling fell out. My treatment lasted 35 minutes. The work done was very through, even the assistant put lotion on my lips as they were dry. The treatment was very intense but not painful. The numbing injection was very gentle and I never felt any pain through out the procedure. The only thing I would have changed was to ask for a little break so I could close my jaw for a few moments, I have a clicky jaw. I will request this next time. I only had a little ache in my mouth afterwards but I'm very happy with the filling lasting longer than my English filling. WELL DONE
May 2016
It was amazing just to treat a very bad situation of roots problem in just two hours in high technical way
November 2015
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