Lipolyse Laser

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Lipolyse Laser
Amabilidad, profesionalidad y muy buena comunicación
May 2013
Originally i only asked for Breast Augmentation but after i was very well explained the benefits of the combination of my own fat and silicone i was decided to go for it. This way i had two problems solved at the same time (my upper legs) and my Breast looks so natural. I am so happy with the results and had no complications at all, my life has changed for better!
April 2013
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Clinique Cirumed Vérifié

La Clinique Cirumed est l'une des cliniques de chirurgie plastique les plus connues de l'Espagne qui se spécialise dans une large gamme de traitements chirurgicaux, cosmétique et réparatrice de visage et corps y compris les implants mammaires, abdominoplastie, liposuccion, lifting et chirurgie du nez.

un grand merci aux infirmieres qui m ont surveillees apres mon operation;au dr aboufirass qui ma bien rassurer par ses nombreuses visites;une nuit en clinique une chambre spacieuse propre rien a dire de negatif ... mieux traitee au maroc qu en france; avec mon petit budget jai ete traitee comme une vip...merci a tous;;je recommande la policlinique du sud;
February 2016
For the past 4 years I have been having Botox treatments by a top specialist in my home town of London. On a visit to Morocco recently & noticing my last treatment had worn off I decided on a whim to visit Dr Aboufirass Abdellatif. He treated both the forehead & eye area & I am thrilled with the results which are superior to the results I am used to, not only is everything smoothed out but he has also managed to create a pleasing lifting effect to my eyes. Despite the further distance I will not hesitate to have my next treatment with Dr Abdellatif. Great value for money too for the results which have been achieved
May 2014
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Dr. Aboufirass Abdellatif Vérifié

Dr. Abdellatif Aboufirass pratique est conçu pour vous présenter un plan de traitement complet en respectant les normes strictes afin de garantir une chirurgie plastique bien réussie à Marrakech pour obtenir les résultats que vous attendez.

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Dr .Nicos Mantas chirurgie esthétique en chypre Vérifié

le chirurgien esthétique DR Nicos Mantas s’intéresse à fournir une attention aux détails un soin individualisé,et des résultats chirurgicaux exceptionnels dans un environnement bienveillant.

التجربة كانت ممتازة وحسيت بفرق في مكان العملية الالم يعتبر مقبول وكل يوم في تحسن والدكتور ماشاء الله عليه متعاون جدا ومعاملته جدا راقيه وفريق العمل جدا متعاون والآن تقريبا ليه ٣ اسابيع وكل يوم احس الالم يقل والكن بالنسبه للورم الحمد لله خُف جدا وان شاء الله أتوقع انه حيكون هناك فرق لانه الدكتور قال الي شهرين رغم انه الان في فرق ملحوض
April 2017
والله كان تعاملكم منيح جدا و التواصل ممتاز وهذا دليل على نجاحكم في عملكم واتمنى الكم النجاح والتوفيق ونشكر دكتور عبد الحق ونتمنى له النجاح. بنتي عم تتعافى بفضلكم
February 2017
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Dr. Elie Abdelhak Vérifié

Dr. Elie Abdelhak est une une figure emblématique reconnu à l'échelle nationale et internationale au domaine de la chirurgie plastique au Liban et au Moyen-Orient effectuant un ensemble impressionnant de procédures cosmétiques, faciales et d'augmentations mammaires.

Dr.ashraf is a Very professional and friendly surgeon, I had breast augmentation with him and the results are sooo good the timing is very accurate, the shape is exactly what I always wanted and suitable with me am so satisfied with the results also they gave me all the information needed and he always reply.
August 2016
I had two surgeries at Dr Ashraf's clinic - arm liposuction and lifting - breast tail lifting - tummy tuck my experience is totally great and perfect, Dr Ashraf is one of the rarest doctors in Egypt who you can trust him blindly, he 100% knows the meaning of being a doctor not only through the operation time but all over being under his treatment. He concerns a lot about every single tiny detail, the high standards of hospital, anesthetization and nursing. starting from the visit at his clinic, he is very friendly, informative, honest, clear and frank. He is so patient in explaining the whole issue to you. He is very responsive in the phone calls. His following up after the surgery is amazing. The stitches were very accurate. In general i do not recommend any doctors as i can not totally guarantee but what i have experienced with Dr. Ashraf make me highly recommend him to any one. Thank you my dear professional doctor, you made a lot to me
June 2016
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Body Image Clinic: Dr. Ashraf Abolfotooh Vérifié

Vous ne pourrez certainement pas arrêter le temps mais en deux ou trois mouvements, vous pouvez lutter contre les effets de l’âge : les rides. La solution ? La médecine esthétique.