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Chirurgie Plastiques  à Egypte
Dr.ashraf is a Very professional and friendly surgeon, I had breast augmentation with him and the results are sooo good the timing is very accurate, the shape is exactly what I always wanted and suitable with me am so satisfied with the results also they gave me all the information needed and he always reply.
August 2016
I had two surgeries at Dr Ashraf's clinic - arm liposuction and lifting - breast tail lifting - tummy tuck my experience is totally great and perfect, Dr Ashraf is one of the rarest doctors in Egypt who you can trust him blindly, he 100% knows the meaning of being a doctor not only through the operation time but all over being under his treatment. He concerns a lot about every single tiny detail, the high standards of hospital, anesthetization and nursing. starting from the visit at his clinic, he is very friendly, informative, honest, clear and frank. He is so patient in explaining the whole issue to you. He is very responsive in the phone calls. His following up after the surgery is amazing. The stitches were very accurate. In general i do not recommend any doctors as i can not totally guarantee but what i have experienced with Dr. Ashraf make me highly recommend him to any one. Thank you my dear professional doctor, you made a lot to me
June 2016
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